We organise regular MUN debates that provide an opportunity for members to engage in discussion and debate on security, humanitarian, environmental, social and economic issues. We simulate various committees of the UN, such as the Security Council (SC) and Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (SOCHUM). Over the course of Hilary Term, we are looking to organise debates that go beyond MUN and give opportunities for students to directly debate and discuss with experts in international relations.

We always welcome new delegates at our MUN debates regardless of experience level, so come along for thought-provoking, skill-building and fun debate!

Preparation for Model UN

Members can prepare for debates in advance by reading up on the study guide which is sent out by e-mail. These are prepared weekly by the debating officer. When there is an upcoming scheduled MUN debate, those who wish to choose a country before the debate can also do so by clicking here and writing their name down. The table is automatically updated with the names of people who have chosen a country.

Our weekly debates begin with a speaker’s list, after which moderated and unmoderated caucuses can be introduced. We generally follow the OxIMUN Rules of Procedure which can be found here. For an introduction to MUN debating, you can find a presentation here.

Model UN Topics

Recent topics have included resolving the Syrian Crisis, the refugee crisis, reforming the UN Charter, protection of journalists in conflict, the Rio Olympics and the Sustainable Development Goals. We focus our debates on current affairs and topics, as well as on topics most often covered in conferences so that our delegations can be fully prepared.