We organise weekly debate training sessions with the aim of introducing students to MUN and training them with the skillset needed to participate in conferences. Simulating various committees of the UN, members adopt the role of a UN member state and engage in MUN-style debates on security, humanitarian, environmental, social and economic issues and formulate solutions to them. Participants will build an understanding of complex global issues while also learning effective public speaking and negotiation tactics.

Our MUN debates are designed to be accessible to everyone regardless of
experience level, so we encourage students to come along to as many of the
sessions as possible for thought-provoking, skill-building and fun debate! We
generally follow the OxIMUN Rules of Procedure which can be found here. If you are new to MUN, you may find it useful to read our Beginner’s Guide to MUN here.

Debate signups for Hilary 2018 can be found here. For further questions,

MUNday Debate!
MUNday Debate!
Model UN Topics

Topics planned for Hilary Term 2018 are as follows:

Week 2 – SOCHUM: Developing a global plan of action against extrajudicial killings
Week 3 – SPECPOL: Protecting the rights of peoples of non-self- governing territories
Week 4 – UN Women: Redefining the role of women in economic development
Week 5 – UNHRC: Protecting the rights of LGBTQ individuals in Eastern Europe and the Caucasus
Week 6 – UNHCR: Addressing the humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad Basin
Week 7 – WHO: Integrating people with disabilities into society
Week 8 – UNEP: Eradicating marine litter and ocean pollution

Please note that the list of topics is subject to change.